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Gemma Denham

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Joshua’s Rabbit

The heartwarming tale of a little boy and his imaginary friend.

Told in rhyme, alongside beautiful illustrations, this story follows through the days of the week, showing the wonderful imagination of children.


Beautiful engaging illustrations bring to life the tale of a simple hug.

Told in rhyme, the story follows many different animals and their hugs, but who gives the best?

Snuggle up and join all the animals in this huggable, lovable tale.

As I was Walking

Come for a walk with us through the zoo.

Can you roar like a Lion? Stand on one leg like a Flamingo? and waddle like a Penguin?

A fun rhyming story with lots to see and do!

As I was Walking

Come for a walk with us through the zoo. A fun rhyming story for you to colour in plus 10 pages of additional activities!

“A lovely children's book to read to my daughter in the evenings.”

- Online review from an Amazon customer, Huggle.

“Great story, lovely drawings. My granddaughter loves it!”

- Online review from an Amazon customer, Joshua’s Rabbit.

Children’s Party Planning

The most fully comprehensive guide to planning your child’s party!

With 14 fun filled themes, this book contains a fantastic compilation of parties that will rival all others!

Imaginative ideas and creative suggestions all themed within each party!

For templates from this book please click here.

Me, Daddy & Dad

Hello, my name is Emily.

This is my Dad, and my Daddy.

And this is Max, he is our pup,

(be careful cause he does jump up!)

This is my story come with me,

And find out about my family.

And all the things we like to do,

I’m sure you like to do them too!


‘George was a very naughty little boy. Well, he wasn’t always naughty. In fact, he was usually quite a good little boy. But today was a naughty day.’

Join George and his mummy on a particularly disastrous shopping trip. Humorous for both child and parent, this story highlights the consequences of actions and benefits of good behaviour.